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Google Bans Rehab-Related Search Ads in Another Country After Embarrassing Report

Google Bans Rehab-Related Search Ads in Another Country After Embarrassing Report Up until this week, those turning to the Google search bar for information on drug addiction in the UK might have been served misleading ads directing them to pricey private clinics. But after the release of a Sunday Times report claiming the tech giant was making “millions” from rehab-related search ads, Google announced it has banned the ad category entirely in Britain. “Substance abuse is a growing crisis and has led to deceptive practices by intermediaries that we need to better understand.” a Google spokesperson told Gizmodo in a statement. “In the US, we restricted ads entirely in this category and we have decided to extend this to the UK as we consult with local experts to update our policy and find a better way to connect those that need help with the treatment they need.” According to the Times, the private clinics offer a commission to third-party patient referrers, who can reportedly rake in tens of thousands of dollars on a single referral to a luxury rehab center. To connect with potential patients, one referral company claimed to have paid Google as much as around $270 for each click on an ad for its free “helpline,” which also gets them help from a Google rep on how to keep their links near the top of the search results. The practice of purchasing ads on Google to lure in individuals suffering from addiction in the hopes of making a quick buck isn’t news to the search giant. In fact, after a Verge report in September on the exact same referral practice, Google banned these types of ads internet in the US. It wasn’t until the Sunday Times report on the continued practice in the UK that Google prohibited these ads elsewhere. It’s unsurprising that the tech giant didn’t ban these suspect ads until damning reports uncovered the shady business practice—Google is also turning a profit in the scheme. Misleading results on Google aren’t exclusive to rehab-related search ads. In May of last year, Broadband for America (BFA) ran pro-net neutrality ads which actually navigated to a page supporting the repeal of it . But most misinformation pushed to the top of the search page is blamed on technical glitches , rather than bad actors turning a profit.

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Crystal Meth Rehab Treatment: What to Expect? However, after making a bit of progress, you may be able to have visitors. Not all facilities allow this, though, so be sure to check with the specific facility that you would like to visit. If you visit your loved one in rehab, you will be expected to abide by certain rules and regulations. For instance, some facilities do not allow visitors to bring certain items with them, such as cell phones or any type of weapons. You may also be asked to limit physical contact with your loved one during your visit. Many facilities encourage visitors to participate in family therapy and group therapy sessions with their loved ones. You may also be asked to participate in educational sessions and educational workshops, where you can learn about crystal meth, addiction, and how to support and help your loved one while he is on the road to recovery. Any stay in rehab is completely voluntary. This means that you can leave treatment before completion at any time. Obviously, though, this is strongly discouraged for a number of reasons. The most important reason that you should not leave crystal meth rehab treatment before completion is that the chances are relapse are very high. Leaving treatment early, before completion, means that you have not learned everything that there is to learn about coping with your crystal meth addiction. Therefore, you may not be well-equipped to deal with the temptation of using drugs, and you may quickly fall back into your old ways. 2. From a financial standpoint, leaving rehab before completion is ill-advised. Quitting treatment early can result in your insurance company refusing to pay for the days that you were there. 3. You may also get into more legal trouble if you do not complete a treatment program that was court ordered. how much does private alcohol rehab cost how much does private alcohol rehab cost

Woman standing with eyes closed, in profile and in the sun. I am so glad that I didn’t give up on medication after this disturbing experience. I was lucky enough to hit gold on my second try, using the SSRI Prozac. It took about two months to kick in and once the medication was coursing through my body, my depression evened out. Mostly I just felt normal. It was truly cathartic, like I was shedding off the dried-out snakeskin of a former life. But it was only the beginning. The truly transformative part of my journey began when I committed to becoming sober from drugs and alcohol for the rest of my life. It’s dangerous to take drugs and/or alcohol with Prozac so I really had no choice. My therapist suggested that I check out Alcoholics Anonymous and my self-help addicted nature dug in with a vengeance. I found myself a sponsor in AA and immediately threw myself into the program. I followed instructions diligently and went to a meeting once a day, every single day, for a year. I quickly built a community of new friends who knew me as my naked, vulnerable self and accepted me 100%, with all my damage. I am so happy that AA is a place where people don’t see color, age or background. There were very few Asians in the meetings that I went to, but I never felt unwelcome or out of place. Still, today, I rarely see Asians at meetings, but I hope those suffering in silence will eventually let go of their shame and open themselves up to recovery. My recovery from depression and addiction is akin to peeling away the layers of an onion. I am constantly shaving away the dead skin of my past self and discovering new experiences of being in my body and participating in life. Later on in my adventure, I discovered meditation and yoga, which took my recovery to yet another level. Finally, I experienced the cotton candy-flavored pink cloud that they often talk about in AA.